Coaching through art


The Art of Well-being, the Well-being of Art sessions go much deeper than simply painting; it’s a real release of emotions and blocks. A cross between art therapy and coaching, these sessions can reveal where you are stuck in your life,  helping you look  at these blocks through the painting so that you find your path.
During a session, after connecting to our heart, we will paint in silence, listening to our desires, without thinking too much. On one paper we’ll  paint at least 4 pictures, one over the other, a technique of layering. By painting over the old image we start letting go more and more, and begin to worry less about making mistakes because we know we will paint over the picture! As one lets go of the fear and desire to create a  perfect picture, the soul begins to open up more and more.

We will also intuitively choose DOTERRA essential oils to put in the paint!
These oils help to work and release the emotions (at the end of the session you will leave with a sample of the oils used to continue the benefits at home). Be careful, these shift things!!

Taking the time between each layer of paint, we begin to see what the images reveal to us, helping us to become aware of our blocks and emotions. The session alternates between silence and dialogue, in silence to connect to oneself and to be present, and in dialogue to decrypt our images, and to speak about our situation (if you want). During these sessions you will be a real actor in interpreting your own images, you know your way and your soul more than me, I am not the expert of your soul, I am there simply to accompany you, to give you the space and the listening , and guide you if needed.

In painting we can visiualise our soul, we are able look at what is happening within us.
I will show you that you have all the keys within you, it’s you, and not me who holds the keys to your future. I just hold the flashlight that you can see the way.

The benefits:

  • Illuminate your path
  • Release blockages
  • Know yourself better
  • Learn to let go
  • Anti stress
  • A moment for oneself
  • Multisensory
  • Active meditation

Sessions are available either in groups or individually, either at my home, in Bouaye, at my workshop in Trentemoult or at your  home (Travel costs 5 euros).

Sessions also available via skype (you will need your own paint)

In group workshop Price 25 euros 2hrs

In individual 40 euros.

Via skype 35euros