All my artwork is painted intuitively, When I arrive at my canvas, I have absolutely no idea what I will paint, from beginning to end, I simply follow my intuition and what my soul tells me. The process takes me through a journey of emotions, layer after a layer of release, sometimes tears, energy and vibration, expressed through colour. Each painting allows me to see where I am at in my life, where I may be blocked, what I need to release or where I need to go. Each canvas is unique, a journey of a moment in my life, telling a story through its texture and hues. Each layer adding to to the final result, just like in life, the journey, creating the texture of life. in my latest works, essential oils have been added INTO the paint, increasing further emotional release and giving the final artwork it’s own unique vibration and of course aroma!

Incidentally, I prefer not to name my paintings, allowing you to make your own interpretation and feeling of emotion