Your creative dream


It’s time to take that creative dream off the back burner and make it real. Whether that dream is the desire to be an artst, writer, or photographer, or simply to create again, the creator within you wants to be released.



Has that path to your creative dream got overgrown by weeds and old plants?

If you are reading this you most likely:

  • Blocked in your art of creating
  • Wanting to create, you but you are scared or don’t know where to start
  • Have negative beliefs about artistic pursuits “I was told I had no talent”
  • Have reached a block in your life
  • Want a life with meaning, on purpose
  • Are open to a more spiritual way of being
  • Had a creative dream that was put away but wants to be released

If this sounds like you, keep reading!

That creative activity is there but the path to it is covered in negative thoughts, beliefs and old negative emotions that act as weights round those ankles holding you down from moving forward along your path.

10 sessions of emotional release, creative activities and positive pyschology to rekindle the creator within you

Benefits of this programme

You will:

  • Re-discover the creative you
  • Rekindle the artist within
  • Create your life on purpose that means consciously creating using the rules of the Universe
  • Feel lighter emotionally and more positive
  • Know what you are working towards in life and WHY you are alive
  • Overcome blocks in your creative pursuits
  • Release negative trapped emotions holding you back
  • Be less stressed
  • Learn how to come from love rather than fear


The programme consists of 10 sessions of 1 hour. These sessions will clear negative beliefs, release trapped emotions, there will be creative activities such as mood boards, intuitive painting, writing, some of which will be homeweork whilst others we’ll do suring the session. We’ll work on the vision of your creative life, and release what’s holding you back. Together we’ll clear the path to your creative dream.


…Your abandoned dream

Transform this…




Into this…..

your blossoming dream

My method is based on energy healing, intuitive creating, positive psychology,  Law of Attraction and spirituality.

There will be moments of digging deep, there’ll also be haha! moments, revelations and light bulb moments; There’ll also be tears, laughter and so much happiness.

And above all you will find YOU.

The real authentic you who wants to be expressed fully.

Welcome to YOU!

Does this sound fun? Does it sound it could be for you? What is the next step? Why not book  a free session to chat and see if we can work together and we’ll go from there.