Awakening the creator

Let’s be honest here. We are all creators. We were born from a creation, we came from The Big Creator, as children we created, we created through imagination, games, dressing up, drawing, and scribbling. And we create our own lives either consciously or unconsciously.

Just let that sink in. Read it again

You were born a creator.

You are an artist. We are all artists. We paint the canvas of our life.

Ooh I can hear those beliefs coming up already!

“I’m not an artist!” ( How many times did I used to say that one to myself!!)

Now, if you’re reading this you may be a creator of art, you are definitely a creator of your life. But one thing for sure that is common to you all. Your creativity is trapped either on paper or in your life.

So if you are reading this you most likely:

  • Are blocked in your art of creating
  • Are wanting to create, you but you are scared
  • Have negative beliefs about artistic pusrsuits “I was told I had no talent”
  • Are lost where to start
  • Have reached a block and can’t move forward in your chosen expression 
  • Have reached a block in your life
  • Are at a point in your life where you want to start creating consciously
  • Want a life with meaning, on purpose
  • Are open to a more spiritual way of being

If this sounds like you, keep reading!

It’s as if you want to get to the other side but this wall is in front of you. Or you have weights round those ankles holding you down from moving forward.


Well I am going to help you break down that wall, throw of those weights so that you CAN move forward

Just what canvas are you painting? Are you painting blindfolded? Muddy colours? Just what is the canvas of your life? What colours are you choosing? What emotions are in that painting? 

When we paint there is a direct correlation with our life. I see perfectionists not allow themselves to let rip on paper for fear of making a mistake, I see people put borders of protection on their paper, others who control their work. 

You are how you paint.

A moment’s pause                                                                                                             Now, close your eyes and imagine a piece of white paper, paintbrush and paints.  I am going to ask you to paint. Paint anything just paint. Take the brush, feel the paint brush, feel out the paint glides across the paper.

What colours do you choose? What emotions come up? What stops you?

In life what is stopping you? What is stopping you from creating your life you want?

Imagine your life as a canvas. What does that canvas look like right now?

So would you like to change, to let go of, to have more of in your life?

So what exactly are the benefits of this programme for you?

You will:

  • Discover the creative you
  • Rekindle the artist within
  • Create your life on purpose that means consciously creating using the Rules of the Universe
  • Feel lighter emotionally and so much more positive
  • Know what you are working towards in life and WHY you are alive
  • Overcome blocks in your creative pursuits
  • Release negative trapped emotions holding you back
  • Be less stressed
  • Learn how to come from love rather than fear

What is included?

  • 10 sessions of 1 hour
  • Coaching and Emotion Code within the sessions
  • Creative activities for you to do between sessions
  • Email support
  • Private Facebook group to have online support from me and ther creators
  • 4 Sessions of Emotion Code at a discounted price at the end of your coaching

My method is based on energy healing, positive psychology,  Law of Attraction and spirituality.

There will be creative activities to do between sessions (that you will LOVE!), there will be moments of digging deep, there’ll also be haha! moments, revelations and light bulb moments; There’ll also be tears, laughter and so much happiness.

And above all you will find YOU.

The real authentic you who wants to be expressed fully.

Welcome to YOU!

Does this sound fun? Does it sound it could be for you? What is the next step? Why not book  a free session to chat and see if we can work together and we’ll go from there.