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Why Doterra is a unique business

Creating a business takes time and effort. We are driven by our passion and our why. The path is never a straight and easy one. It's filled with twists and turns, road blocks, and obstacles. Building a business in Doterra is an incredible journey. It isn't like other direct sales companies where all that matters… Continue reading Why Doterra is a unique business

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How the universe response when you rise to the lesson

So yesterday I wrote a blog on climbing out of darkness, and I really don't know what happened but I suddenly got loads of likes and followers (thankyou!). Now, this is new for me as my old blogs just seemed to disappear into the ether, so I was quite  taken a back to see all the… Continue reading How the universe response when you rise to the lesson

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How to stay positive in the down times

So I had just watched this video on YouTube via Facebook about the Universe being rigged in your favour and I ended up writing a small post about it, on ho< I see life in those dark moments. Well thanks to April's Full moon in Scorpio, one of those dark moments suddenly landed on me minutes… Continue reading How to stay positive in the down times

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La créativité

  My guest blogger No.3 ! Voilà ma 3ème blogeuse invité, et elle est francaise! Une fille incroyable, pétillante, dynamique avec une énergie débordante, elle a crée son site et blog  sur la développement personnelle et sa chaine you tube     La créativité Avec Nicky, en discutant tranquillement sur messenger un matin, on a décidé… Continue reading La créativité