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Emotion Code

I’ve just an amazing Emotion Code session with Nicky Peet, just WOW!!!!!
She is so lovely, and her work with EC is incredible.
Can’t thank you enough Nicky, we are definitely kindred spirits đŸŒ€đŸ™đŸ»đŸ’ đŸ”† . Alison H.


Merci encore Nicky, c’est vrai cette sensation de lĂ©gĂšretĂ©, je me sentais heureuse cet aprĂšs-midi !!! la fraĂźcheur est restĂ©e pendant 2-3h, La douleur a diminuĂ© et ça fait vraiment du bien! Je me sens fatiguĂ©e, et je crois que je vais bien dormir !!! Et surtout continues, je pense que tu as vraiment cette facultĂ©, cette sensibilitĂ© Ă  ressentir les choses. Audrey H.

Je voulais te dire que depuis la session Ă©motion code, je vais super bien, je me sens “en paix”, un Ă©tat de calme m’envahit, 😊 j’ai du mal Ă  l’expliquer, mais c’est vraiment agrĂ©able!! Thank you SO much!!!!!  D.P.

I have been thinking lately about our last session, and I thought hmmm it didn’t really work for weight loss. Strange. I am getting in shape becuase I am going to the gym and working out hard. Then this morning a realization came to me: I noticed I haven’t been eating crazy lately, OMG! I have not been emotionally eating in the past weeks anymore!Consciousness works just doesn’t always work the way we expect. It feels so good not to stuff myself feeling light and free. Evelina K.


“Yes the clarity for writing has to be the EC. Not just my writing, Nicky, but my eating habits, too. I am still experiencing intense physical pain (but other things are changing – things I’ve been trying to change for years – have just changed effortlessly. I’ve not experienced anything like it before; Sarah B.

“I can attest that Emotion Code sessions with Nicky are amazing”

“I am so blessed to have been able to experience the Emotion code and distance healing – It absolutely blew my mind as to how you could connect to my energy, heal my inner pain as well as my physical (my knee had just given in – due to my root/base chakra being blocked).” Natalie S.

Je voulais te dire que depuis la session Ă©motion code, je vais super bien, je me sens “en paix”, un Ă©tat de calme m’envahit,  j’ai du mal Ă  l’expliquer, mais c’est vraiment agrĂ©able!! Thank you SO much!!!!!  D.P.

Although I’m an open minded person, I only believe what I see or what I can experience.I’ve been following Nicky Peet for some time now and when she said she was looking for people to test the emotion code, I saw it as an opportunity to try and solve my problem. To make it short, my father died 2 years ago and it was a very violent moment. I often feel very sad in autumn and winter and I keep crying at this time of the year. I often lack energy and I cannot concentrate on my work.
So I met Nicky for the first time last week and we did a session together. Nicky is a reliable and professional person and I immediately felt very at ease with her. You can feel that she doesn’t judge you, she is very generous and benevolent It’s very important because when you need to speak about your emotions and your life, you have to trust the person you’re talking to. I knew I could trust Nicky before meeting her and and she is exactly the person I thought she was.
Before the session my left arm had hurt for 3 days and there was no apparent reason for that. We spoke very freely during the session and I believe it’s essential to be sincere if you want to release your emotions and to get rid of your problems.
After the session I had a headache but my arm didn’t hurt anymore. I felt lighter as if the enormous burden I could feel on my shoulders had disappeared. The following days I felt alternately very tired and full of energy. Now I feel much better although my sorrow is still there of course. I’m heavy with loss but no longer weighed down. A big hug to you Nicky with my deepest gratitude for your help and commitment. You’re an amazing and unique person  Alexandre B.

I had a session with Nicky Peet last week and it was amazing. I could feel the emotion blocks actually being lifted. I was so calm and for the next few days and there have already been automatic changes in my thinking and decision making. Things in my life have already shifted this week. I can’t wait to see what’s to come. M.S.

“Omg!. I think you have fixed me! From not being able to even put my foot lightly on the floor… I can now walk on it. OK, so it still hurts Ă  little, but I’ve just walked across the room with no support and no crutches!!! The swelling has decreased loads!!

Yesterday and this morning it was horrific! (Before EC). Although long pĂ©riods of walking are not great yet… the improvement is amazing” Lucy C.

“My session with you was epic. It helped me to see some things that I had placed in the back of my mind from years ago. Things that were holding me back from my childhood. It was definitely a breakthrough and a blessing. You were so on point with how you analyzed where I am and the input that you gave me to express myself. I feel so free and balanced now with not so much of a burden on my heart. I would recommend Nicky to any and everyone.” A.T, Cincinnati, U.S.

 Just had the most amazing Reiki energy and emotional clearing (Emotion Code) session with Nicky Peet! I feel drained, but so, so AWESOME at the same time – just released emotions from 1 and 17 generations back… the word release doesn’t even begin to describe the peace I feel – Thank you Nicky, I am so blessed to know you! I highly recommend you to everyone I know!”


If you don’t know what Reiki healing is don’t feel bad I never did either. I just assumed it was some weird new age shit. But then I got to a place a few months ago where I knew I had blocks that ran a lifetime deep to things like love and money. I knew I’d done all the work I could, but still felt those blocks. I hit up my girl Nicky Peet who is an energy healer, and has been a HBR coaching client for years, and said: “girl I don’t know what it is you do but I need help clearing crap up, you got me?” She was like… Yup! So 4 seasons later my world has opened up in incredible ways! My new cheery fashion style is a result of this, my booming coaching business, my trip to Italy, healed relationships and so much more have manifested into my life once I was able to change my energy from the inside in a way I couldn’t have without this healing. I’m a lifetime believer! Sarah Centrella, author of BestSeller “Hustle Believe Receive” and creator the HBR Method 

J’ai fait plusieurs sĂ©ances de Reiki avec Nicky. Je n’avais jamais essayĂ© auparavant mais j’Ă©tais curieuse de savoir quel effet le reiki aurait sur le stress. C’Ă©tait de la dĂ©tente immĂ©diate Ă  100%. Nicky est une vraie professionnelle et en plus, trĂšs chaleureuse et humaine. Une expĂ©rience Ă  tenter (si vous ne l’avez jamais fait) ou Ă  re-faire…

“Nicky you made such a huge profound difference. You were instrumental in my change of perception from denial and anger into acceptance and the view that this could truly be a gift not a curse. You helped me step off the victimhood merry-go-round. I am at peace with it now. It’s becoming more a part of who I am now rather than something to hate and despise and to get rid of. There is a lesson in all of this and I’m ready to learn it now thanks to you”

WOW all I can say is THANK YOU Nicky Peet !! Your an amazing Reiki healer and our session today unlocked and released intensive fear I’ve been carrying that relates to the mass shootings the US has been facing. What an amazing gift you have. I physically feel totally different after our session, before I was filled with fear, anxiety, and even anger relating to these tragedies… now I feel at peace and protected. Working with you the last few months has enabled me to address so many long held emotional blocks relating to money issues, and love, I can’t thank you enough! I’ve noticed amazing changes in my life since working with you and releasing these blocks, now I have space to allow for all the love and abundance, health and peace to fill my life. Your the best! Sarah Centrella, Portland, Ohio, U.S.  author of Hustle Believe Receive, Well-being best seller on Amazon

Nicky Peet is the most incredible woman. Since I started working with her seven weeks ago my life has been completely transformed.  She is a gifted teacher and healer and has helped to guide me to my true self that’s been hidden under layers of fear, doubt, and anxiety for most of my life. Her reiki has helped clear up blocks that I have been unable to clear for years. She’s amazing”

” I just had my first session with the amazing Nicky Peet. I highly recommend her. She is truly the sweetest most amazing soul. Thank you so much” M.U. Sept 2016

“Everything is flowing. I have had an amazing sense of peace after the session with you. I know something changed in me during that session, not just mentally; but spiritually. It’s like my subconscious attitude  has shifted and my mind doesn’t drift into the anger. Really amazing. Thankyou, M.T. “

“A fab day of Art and Reiki organised by Nicky. There were 3 of us.  We started with a short Group Reiki session, which, as always with Nicky has really interesting results. For me, it was very cool with muted colours swimming around in my head a bit like a 60s lava lamp and the feeling of very deep relaxation upon waking. We then painted our first piece on paper which was inspired of course by the Reiki experience. Then after a lovely home-cooked lunch in the garden. A second painting on canvas, completely different to the first. Nicky has the knack of putting everyone at ease, making everyone feel like they have the creativity inside them, just waiting to express itself. The mix of Reiki and art had some really interesting results today. Thanks Nicky for an inspiring, relaxing, creative day spent with 3 lovely ladies.”

Reiki et coaching

Mes sĂ©ances de coaching avec Nicky ont Ă©tĂ© des bouffĂ©es d’air pur, de bonheur…
Nicky est une trĂšs belle personne qui a toute ma confiance. Son accueil, son Ă©coute, son aide prĂ©cieuse, son sourire, sa disponibilitĂ© et sa chaleur contribuent Ă  la qualitĂ© des rencontres. Nos rendez-vous ont Ă©tĂ© des moments privilĂ©giĂ©s qui m’ont permis de redonner du sens Ă  ma vie, de mieux l’apprĂ©cier et la comprendre et surtout d’aller de l’avant doucement mais sĂ»rement…
Premiers pas vers un nouveau dĂ©part… Le bonheur de vivre  tout simplement !                  Un grand merci.

“J’ai fait la connaissance de Nicky il y a quelques semaines. Ses sĂ©ances de coaching et de Reiki, me sont trĂšs importantes. GrĂące Ă  elle j’ai rĂ©ussi Ă  faire tomber certaines barriĂšres qui m’empĂȘchent d’avancer Et surtout Nicky est une belle personne, pleine de dynamisme qui nous donne envie d’aller plus loin.”


 Art and reiki

“A wonderful creative day with Nicky As usual, Nicky manages to get us down to our deepest feelings just with her words and vibes. I hadn’t painted since I was about 7years old and didn’t think I was able of creating anything. Then it just came out naturally and just felt right. I came away feeling calm and more at peace with myself and my feelings. Am looking forward to another session!”


Thank you for giving me strength

“Your words have helped more than anything, to see the positiveness in situations.” Hayley P

“I find your words totally inspiring and uplifting and I just want to thank you for sharing your positivity. It really helps me when I’m feeling stressed…or need reminding about what real values are. “SS

“Reading your posts makes me see things differently…and the problems vanish”

“You enrich my life with your positivity.”

“You know how to inspire us Nicky just with your vibes !”

3 thoughts on “Clients comments”

  1. J’ai fait la connaissance de Nicky il y a quelques semaines. Ses sĂ©ances de coaching et de Reiki, me sont trĂšs importantes. GrĂące Ă  elle j’ai rĂ©ussi Ă  faire tomber certaines barriĂšres qui m’empĂȘchent d’avancer Et surtout Nicky est une belle personne, pleine de dynamisme qui nous donne envie d’aller plus loin.

  2. OMG, that’s all I can say after my first emotion code with you Nicky and already that little voice inside my head (you know the one that always tell you how bad you are,or guilty or how ashamed you should be, 👿 ) well she’s gone. Waouh, feeling lighter already.
    Thank you so much Nicky for listening. You are one amazing woman 💜

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