Create Your Life Package


What’s your dream?
What did you love doing when you were young,
What did you want to be before those teenage years hit you?
What would you love to do?
Where in your life would you love to feel more satisfied?

Time to surrender to your dream


Isn’t it time you created the life YOU wanted? Isn’t time you really started to live your life and give it meaning?

To finally live that dream you had wantted when you were young? Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t have to be the millionaire house on a dessert island kinda of dream. it can be as simple as doing a job you LOVE, having a life you lov, however that may look like. YOU get to decide! Not your family, or your friends, but YOU.

This isn’t necessarily either changing your life but the way you look at life. That alone can change everything, and I will help you to see how.

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning and loving life. Living a life you feel totally happy and fulfilled in. Life is meant for living, not just for paying bills!

When I was young, I was obsessed with France. All I wanted was to live in France and do art. that was my vision since te age of 10. Well I am living that dream now. And EVERYTHING I do, I love. I have freedom, I have choice, I am living the life for me, for what my soul speaks. I am not making a million- yet!- but what I am doing is in every essence my soul’s desire. Monday mornings i psring out of bed, happy. I see life in a great positive way, and I know that everythig I do is helping others to a better life, whether that is training in English to the French, doing energy work, painting, creative workshops. it’s all part of me. What about you?


So what’s included in this package?

  • 10 sessions by skype with ongoing email support
  • Activities for you o do at home- yes there is homework!
  • Releasing trapped emotions to release blocks, with Emotion Code
  • Working on limiting beliefs and negative self talk
  • Vision and mood board creation
  • Life analysis
  • Changing the way we think about life and where we are stuck
  • Lots of positive psychology tips


This is a very complete package and involves work between sessions – dreams don’t work unless you do! At the end you will be well on the way to where you want to be, with more postive Outlook on life, tools to live by and a direction to go in.