Painting your life! HBRMethod Coaching

My first dream was to live in France. I remembered writing this for a school homework on how we saw our adult life. Many holidays to France helped me to fall in love with the country and its ways from an early age. To say I was obsessed was an understatement! My bedroom walls became covered in all things French –posters, labels, postcards, photos, anything that could be stuck on a wall that gave the feel of France( #futureboard)-, I listened to Europe 1 French radio station every day and even though I didn’t understand a word at the age of 12 I heard the rhythm of the language and the accent(#dreamIt). I remember going on a French exchange (which was amazing as I got to be involved in the preparation of a French wedding and really brush up my French to become top of the school)  at the age of 14 and being soooo excited because they were playing a single that I had heard so often on the radio which I loved-this meant that what I was listening to was real! It connected me to real France! (first #earthquakeMoment) I would hear French people in the street and want them to take me home, I would join every French event in my local town.  (#TheHustle) There was one that i loved where as a teenager, i would go amongst adults to speak French all morning in different groups, followed by a French meal at lunchtime. (#fakeit) I lived for this event. Time was spent finding ways I could get to France – learning French  in France, Grapepicking, (#relentlesspursuit) I did none of them but the drive and obsession was there. At the age of 21 I went of to Uni, knowing my dream would happen one day but  to let go of it and get on with my life (#chillOut) and it was there that I met a French student, we hit it off and he later became my husband(#manifestThat). We spent 5 years between countries and during this time I would go to his place and become accustomed to the French way of life, customs, routines (#FakeIt). Finally in 2001 We moved to France (#manifestThat #EarthquakeMoment )I remember standing on my balcony hearing the church bells and realising I was standing in my dream. It felt totally normal because I had dreamt and worked on this for so long, it was part of me. I had done it.

I have many other dreams I am working on-going to India next year, using art to help people heal  through workshops and coaching to change lives.

The trip to India is being planned and have already found the perfect friend to go with. I have already started to set up local workshops helping people get in touch with their creativity, and retreats are being planned for next year.

But my big dream, coaching is happening now. A few years ago I came across Sarah Centrella, a girl who had been left with nothing by her ex husband and began  to use vision board (#FutureBoards) to change her life, and they did, incredibly so. She became the one who influenced me so much and then one day on Facebook she said she was looking for coaching clients as Guinea pigs. I jumped at the offer and was her first client with her Method, Hustle Believe Receive (#HBR). My life began to shape, I knew where I was going. Then she asked if anyone who felt they were a success would like to appear in her book. Once again I jumped, as I believe I am successful as I am doing what i love and have found my calling. I appear in her book,  #HustleBelieveReceive. Then came the offer of being part  of her first  #HBRBootcamp! For free (#MoneyAintAThing). This took us through the chapters of her book, with homework to do over 9 weeks. An amazing experience and changed my life even more, especially when  she asked if any of us would like to be part of her coaching team! (#ManifestThat). Yes I said Yes of course! This was my dream! To become a certified coach, with Sarah, and amazing coaching Method.

The hashtags you see in this posts are all part of the method, the major points and through it will help you focus on changing your life, living your dream, manifesting your future Board. My Board is directly above my television so that I look at it every day, and doing such a board isn’t just about sticking pictures out of magazines. There is a method, the board is the midpoint between clearing out old thoughts, and manifesting the dream.. From my board I have manifested a camera, car, love life, art workshops, trips to an Island I wanted to visit, coming on its way is my Indian trip, and my retreats in gites.

This programme puts the law of attraction in a whol e new ball game as it’s based on the method all successful people use to get to where they want to go. Sarah interviewed lots of successful people and broke down their path to success in these steps that you will find in the book, on our bootcampos and whilst coaching with me. The only thing you need to do is apply them!

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