Plant your creative dream!

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So you have a creative dream?

You have this seed inside of you begging to be a writer, sell your photos, use your artistic skills, pick up that dusty violin and play again…or simply just to be more creative becuase you loved painting as a child? The dream that you put on the back burner while you got on with life, that have been whipsering to you to be planted and nurtured?

You have come to the right place!


And being an expert gardener of life, I can help you! Together we’ll plan, plant and nourish your dream until it comes into bloom.

During this 12 session program we’ll find your dream seeds, clear the land of those negative weeds, prepare the mind soil, plant your seeds, then nourish them with positive fertilizer and meditative care.

So what kind of flower are you?

How would you represent yourself in a flower?

And what is your garden like right now?

Is it full of weeds, a bit of a mess, a nice garden to sit in but lacks life? Wouldn’t you just love it to be somewhere that sparks your imagination, that’s inspirational, encourages you to walk along that path into unseen parts of the garden, a secret garden maybe?    One that feels just like you?

We have these creative dreams but somewhere along the way we were told that we weren’t good enough, or we compared ourselves to others, maybe we thought there was no future in it, or maybe you would love to use your creative skills but don’t know how?

Now at this moment in life, it’s time to think of YOU, where you want to go in the future, to be the real authentic YOU. You stumbled in your mind on that packet of creative dream seeds, covered in dust, well it’s time to blow off that dust and get planting, Spring is here!

seedLet that seed open and grow into what it really wants to be

In this 12 session program we will be working on your dream in creative ways, we’ll burning those negative weeds and creating the positive fertilizer. Between sessions you’ll have some fab creative work to do, so get out those paints, felt tips, glue, old magazines, fountain pen, sharpies, it’s time to have fun! During the sessions we’ll talk and work on what came up and where you are. I’ll be with you every step of the way

So what will you get out of it?

  • Transformation of that simple thought into reality
  • Plan of action to work towards your dream
  • Removal of blocks both in beliefs and in trapped emotions that block our path
  • Opening up to your creativity to transform your life. Become the true creator of your life
  • Adaptation of the sessions to YOUR creative skills. Love photography? Then you’ll be using that as a way to create your garden. Writer? Write away! As well as using other ways to stimulate new ideas.
  • Fun moments and activities to create your dream
  • A soundboard to bounce off your ideas and talk them through

What’s included?

  • 12 x 1 hour sessions of coaching and Emotion Code (to release trapped emotions along the way)
  • Email support and private facebook page to share your dreams and have continued support from me and other “dream gardeners”
  • 3 Discounted Emotion Code sessions once our program has come to an end, valid for one year
  • 1 free catch up session 3 months after the program to see how you are, and if you had any setbacks. No strings attached!
  • Subscription to my monthly newsletter to keep you posted and motivated

And remember with determination, dreams grow in the hardest of environments..

f1ebcddf4922739fd9ec2dea754d7bae Dreams will grow with determination

NOW is the time to plant those seeds, and make your dream a reality! It’s now or…never??