Online Workshop

Art, colour and Reiki are three very powerful tools for releasing creativity and healing and in this workshop we will be using all three to release the creator in you whilst learning how to use colour to heal.

Art is an expression of spirit, it comes from deep within especially if we learn to let go and feel free. It is used all over the world to help people come to terms with trauma (for example in the Nepal earthquake), is used in hospitals to help patients cope with their illness and is used in therapy to help treat the patient.

IMG_6197Being creative is a natural part of us, give a child a set of crayons and paper and he will create without even whispering the words “but I am no good”. This creativity gets buried under our lives, we’re told that being creative serves no-one or that you’re no good. Times up!

10802026_10152564634427635_1951498157756593967_nColour surrounds us all. Animals use it to communicate through their colouring yellow and black of the wasp indicating danger for example,  flowers use it to attract insects, we use it just look a t blue for communication-Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Linked In all use blue. Colour speaks to us. Colour is a simply a vibration (take ultra violet and infrared of differing wavelengths). We intuitively feel these differing vibrations in the clothes we wear, Colour is also related to the chakras of the body and we can use colour to heal these chakras

terapia de reiki(1)Reiki is a form of energy healing using the energy that is all around us in every living thing. It is a universal life energy and being energy knows no concept of time or space, allowing it to  be sent remotely. The benefits of Reiki are far-reaching, healing us from within on all planes – emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. It helps us have clearer thinking, reduce pain, work through difficult situations. During a session you will feel relaxed, calm even through Skype.

This 8 week course includes 8 group Skype sessions,a workbook and creative homework. During the weekly one hour Skype sessions you will receive distant Reiki healing, we will talk about the previous weeks homework, emotions and feelings that came up and talk about the week’s colour focus.

The workbook focuses on colour –  its language and healing properties, as well as a creative piece of homework for the following week. The homework will consist of painting in a particular colour with emphasis on letting go and being.

For this workshop you don’t need to be creative or artistic, in fact the complete opposite! It’s about learning to let go, being in the moment, letting it flow, without thinking about the end result. There’s no criticism, no right or wrong, you’re safe to let go and let rip!

By the end of the workshop, you will

  • Have a beautiful art gallery of your own!
  • You’ll have learnt how to use colour in your everyday life – the clothes you wear, and in your surroundings and why it is so important.
  • You’ll have also released the creator in you, opening you up to a whole new world of possibilities
  • Have received weekly healing sessions of Reiki aiding healing from within.


  • Acrylic paint in the 7 colours colours of the rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (or the 3 primary colours red yellow and blue, to mix), black, white, and any other colours you love!
  • paintbrushes in a variety of sizes – the choice is personal
  • anything else to paint with- fingers!, bubble wrap, sponges…
  • canvases of a decent size in order to be able to express yourself, or canvas roll, or good quality painting paper of at least 300g


TARIF 297 euros

To subscribe – places limited to 6 please send you details and skype name here

Payment will be made via paypal, installments possible.

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