Distant Reiki

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Maybe you would like to experience Reiki with me but live too far away for a hands-on treatment. Reiki can be sent over the miles and is just as effective. Reiki is just energy, intention.

Have you ever experienced the moment when you think of someone and they phone you?  What about when you phone someone with a mobile? We don’t think of the distance. Reiki is the same. It’s just energy and energy knows no boundaries with space and distance.Distant Reiki is just as effective as hands on, and quicker, more convenient-you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere.

When you book with me we will agree on a time for the Reiki. At the appointed time we’ll have a chat-via Skype if possible, if not via phone or messenger, during which We’ll talk a little about your reasons for wanting Reiki, where you are in your life, and explain to you how it works. You will then find a relaxing position, and for about 15 minutes I will send Reiki, and once again we ‘ll chat after to see how it went. in fact my distant Reiki sessions are very much like coaching sessions, helping you to release old emotions and to release what may be blocking you from moving forward.  I tune in to your energy and put images onto these emotions to help you understand them better, allowing you to work through them and move forward.

What will I feel?

As a hands- on treatment everyone is different. At the very least you will feel relaxed.

 And after?

I like to Skype after a session to talk about feelings, issues. For me it’s important to connect with my client. If you would like to chat briefly before; we can.

As Reiki helps to flush out toxins it’s good to drink water after (water is good to drink all the time).

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