Emotional release with Emotion Code


Releasing negative trapped emotions with EMOTION CODE.

Throughout our lives we go through difficult moments, big and small, moments where we feel negative, down, hurt etc. During these times our negative emotions can become stuck in our energy field and weigh us down.

An emotion is basically energy vibrating at different levels, the more negative the emotion the slower the vibration. I like to picture them as balls of energy of different sizes depending on the imensity of the emotion. These balls of negative emotion lodged in our energy field eventually manifest themselves as pain, whether emotional, mental or physical. Behind almost 90 % of physical pain lies a negative emotion. It is our body’s final signal to say something needs to be released.

So trapped emotions can manifest as physical pain, mental pain or also enable that trapped emotion to be triggered more easily. If you are easily angered for example it might just be that anger is blocked somewhere within your field.

po14_bs_debt-fu_bl_1999256fNegative emotions are also heavy, as their vibration is low,  and this slows us down, fogs our view.

We can also carry emotions over from past lives, absorb them from our mother when in the womb, inherit them through the generations, even from pre-life before the spirit comes into the body. All this can be released during the sessions in order to free you up in this life.

An Emotion Code Session

What exactly happens during a session with me?

Well first I connect to your energy so that I can become a proxy for you, whether this is in person or via skype, and we talk about your issue ( physical, mental emotional…) and what you’d like to work on.

I then use muscle testing to work through a table of emotions to identify the trapped emotions and the ages they became trapped in your energy field.

There is nothing you need to except listen!

When we identify the emotion and the age, I will ask if this means anything to you            (It often does!), in which case we can talk about what happened in relation to the issue (though there is no obligation) and then release it. In a session we can release anywhere up from 5 -20 emotions, depending on what your body wants to release.

On release you can feel lighter, clearer in thought, sometimes a little light headed, you may release through crying or not. and pain relief too of course if that is your issue. Over the next few days things become clearer, you feel relief, sometimes we get the ripple effect where things can become worse for a couple of days but this is part of the process as the emotions come to the surface and be released (rather like bubbles in sparkling water) and soon settles down.

So what are the benefits of releasing these emotions?

  • Pain relief- often within one session
  • Less negative emotions such as anger and sadness
  • Feeling lighter in energy
  • Clearer vision of where you’re going
  • Feeling more at peace
  • You’ll reach goals easier
  • Your energy vibration is increased so you attract at a higher energy level (Law of attraction)

Examples of uses of Emotion Code

  • Weight issues
  • Physical, emotional or mental pain
  • lack of concentration
  • Abundance issues
  • Relationship issues
  • use on problems with pets- physical or behavioural
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Addiction

The list is endless! Emotions are at the root of 99% of problems and so Emotion Code will help in almoqst every case. It isn’t a cure and under no circumdtances will I ask that it replaces your medication. It may however, reduce symptoms and in some cases completely eliminates the pain. Some issues go very far back and we may need to release old beliefs, emotions blocking chakras, and  work on the emotional heart wall:

The Heart Wall


During very difficult times we can create a wall around our heart in order to protect ourselves from further hurt. To the mind this wall is real, and serves its purpose to prtect the heart, however if left, the wall can block love from flowing freely to – and from the heart, making building relationships and connections more diffciult. This wall is built by our subconcious mind and created by emotions and represented  a specific material (from plastic, to water, candyfloss, wool…!!) and of a certain thickness anyfrom 1 cm to 1000’s of km!! Again we can work on this-determining its material – which is often linked to fears or a situation, and eliminate the emotions and so the wall.

  • Benefits of clearing the heart wall
  • Better connections
  • Deeper relationships
  • Increased connection skills
  • Deeper romantic partnerships
  • Increased compassion and empathy

Even more here for a great post by Bradley Nelson ( creator of The Emotion Code)


50€/hour via skype or in person
4 sessions  180 euros
10 sessions 447 euros

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