Speak French more easily

Speak french with confidence

If you are here, I can imagine you want to feel more confident speaking French!

Either you have moved to France and realise that you need more french than you thought or you are planning to move to France and and preparing yourself to speak the lingo better!

If you can speak a little but are too scared to speak more, frightened to be judged for making mistakes or a bad accent then you have come to the right place.

I am here to give you more confidence to help you to increase your french by giving you the keys to learn and inegrate the french language.

With 10 years experience as a language coach, my strenths are putting people at ease, boosting my clients and showing them that they can do it!

My approach is one of positive thinking, bringing in tools from the world of personal development and coaching as well as my persoonal experience of learning the language. I am now fluent though I still make mistakes and that is totally fine! The french love me for making them laugh, and goodness, how many English have I heard making mistakes in their own language?!!! I am come from the angle of giving you confidence and show you how you can improve, giving you the speace to express yourself in French. IF you are looking for traditional teaching methods of grammar and rules with set homework, you have come to the wrong place!

I will help you understand the language and homework will be anything you love doing in France in the way that YOU learn. Imagine me as a mother with a child learning to walk. I clear the floor so you have the path to walk, I help you when you fall ( and those falls are so important) and ecouraging you to go further. You have it in you to learn and speak, and  will show you how.

If this feels like you and you would like to know more, why don’t we connect and we can arrange to have a free chat on skype?