Happiness Coaching

stock-group-young-beach-happiness-joy-celebration-3s2qOh that elusive happiness! Everyone’s going on about it! But how can we find it? And what does it mean anyway?

Happiness to me is really an inner peace, a kind of constant trampoline that’s always there to rebound me back to great thinking during the harder times. It has nothing to do with the high you feel when you buy something, it isn’t dependant on someone else’s mood. It is your own inner peace bubble.

I learnt this state of being during the hardest time of my life which lasted over 4 years when I went into debt. I would spending times crying in a ball on the floor worried sick and wondering who I should feed with the 5 euros left, the cat, my children or me?

This time was the most enriching moment of my life, albeit the hardest. I learnt so much that I turned my life around totally. and with that I also learnt that happiness is an inside job, and is totally due to my state of mind and how I choose to look at the world.

Talking to those around me I saw that many didn’t share this state of mind and were suffering because of it. They were suffering emotionally and also creating the life from it.

If you wake me at 3 am in the morning and ask me a question about this subject, I can promise you I would talk to you till breakfast and after about it! That’s how passionate I am about it. And I learnt it from hands on experience. And that knowledge I would like to pass on to you and help you.

So how can I help you?

  • Imagine feeling happy no matter what was going on in your life?
  • That yes we can have negative thoughts, off-moments, but those moments don’t rule your life and they don’t rule you
  • That you can take control of your life and create from it
  • That you can stand back from your emotions and see what is really happening
  • Also know that where you are in your life is totally okay
  • Have a set of tools that you can use when the going gets tough


I can promise you that your life will never be the same again! If you would like to know more just pop over to my contact page or find me on facebook. We can arrange a free 20 mins chat to see if we get along and then go from there.