Health and wellness Package

“I have been thinking lately about our last session, and I thought hmmm it didn’t really work for weight loss. Strange. I am getting in shape because I am going to the gym and working out hard. Then this morning a realization came to me: I noticed I haven’t been eating crazy lately, OMG! I have not been emotionally eating in the past weeks anymore!Consciousness works just doesn’t always work the way we expect. It feels so good not to stuff myself feeling light and free. Evelina K.”

My stomach has not been flatter in 2 yrs, it’s unbelievable, I am in disbelief,n wow, just wow ! My thighs feel toned and stomach flat. No cravings, actually I do have cravings- for light and healthy foods!” Evelina.



  • Do  you have weight or body image concerns?
  • Are you following a new health regime?
  • Do emotionally eat?

This package is specifically designed to support you on your journey, removing blocks such as beliefs and negative trapped emotions, old patterns and self hate that stop you moving forward.

Those negative trapped emotions that keep us in a state of emotional eating, or keep us holding on to the weight, or even stop us putting on weight (this is also for undeweight people).

We will work on self acceptance and love too, the basis of all health regimes.

I will not give specific nutritional advice, as I  am not a trained nutritionist, but what I can do is work on the emtional side of health and wellness to release and accept.


What’s included

  • 10 Weekly 1 hour sessions and email support
  • Emotional release through Emotion Code
  • Emotional aromatherapy to help you on your journey
  • Reiki at the beginning of each session to calm and balance
  • Advice on essential oils to promote weight loss
  • Emotional coaching to guide you and give you space to talk about your issues without judgement

Price 468 euros. Possibility to pay in 4 installments