STEP 1 Preparing the canvas of your life-accepting and letting go


artandreiki“Nicky you made such a huge profound difference. You were instrumental in my change of perception from denial and anger into acceptance and the view that this could truly be a gift not a curse. You helped me step off the victim-hood merry-go-round. I am at peace with it now. It’s becoming more a part of who I am now rather than something to hate and despise and to get rid of. There is a lesson in all of this and I’m ready to learn it now thanks to you”


So often we’re faced with a situation we wish we weren’t in-this can be job loss, financial worries, relationship problems and of course a host of others. We want to escape these, go somewhere else, focus on where we wish we were.

But what if this place you’re in, is just where you need to be? What if there is something you’re needing to learn, to accept, to let go of before we move on? It’s only once we accept this that the resistance drops and we can move on from here. In every situation there is something to help us grow and learn and if we don’t recognise this we will keep turning in circles until we get it just like in a computer game, we can’t move to the enxt lvel until we have found the key!  So often we’re told to focus on where we want to be, and end up forgetting that it’s right now where we need to be so that the healing can take place from within. 

This is where I come in.

To help you find what it is you’re needing from this moment, to help you through the fear, the doubt, guilt and other emotions. I will help you find your own answers and solutions and once we find this we can then help you move on to where you want to be and maybe even create that dream you have put away in a dark corner to be forgotten..

During my sessions with you I give you the space and time to talk through your situation your feelings, express them through art and heal from within through Reiki. Sometimes we just need space to think our thoughts through to find our own solution, and Reiki to give us clearer thinking and deeper healing.

What have my clients gained from working with me?

  • Clarity of thought
  • Feeling of positivity, calm, and being able to let go of previously difficult situations
  • Increased flexibility to change, less resistance to the situation
  • Finding their own solution and ways forward
  • Letting go of self-doubt, worry, anger and fear
  • Being able to move on to where they would like to go
  • Discovering a new hobby in painting
  • Weekly distant Reiki sessions
  • Someone to listen to them without judging, giving them space and time to express fully themselves
  • Tools to use in their everyday life to overcome obstacles

What happens during my sessions?

  • 1 hour to express yourself, talk through your situation, with help from me through pointer questions to spur you on or help you go deeper. My clients find that talking through their problems they find their own solutions or find clarity in the actual situation.
  • Tools to take with you and use in your everyday life
  • You will also receive Distant Reiki during the session which my clients love as it’s such a relaxing part of the session. My cients found it made a real difference to their well being, a deep healing from within and a changed, more relaxed outlook on life.
  • We will also discuss artwork you have done between sessions, which is part of the homework. My clients have found this so theraputic, as they forget their worries and despite thinking they doudn’t paint before, relaise that they love painting and often take it up as a new pastime!

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