Oooh La la! (for the English!)



oh! I know how you feel! This dream you have to live in France, to rip off a piece of fresh baguette you have bought from the bakery, to take life slowly, speak to your local neighbour about the simple things in life.  Since the age of 10 I had that dream until I finally realised it in 2001, standing on my balcony and hearing the french church bells (oh so different from the English ones) and it hit me ‘I am living my chilhood dream!”

I too have been where you have been, too scared to speak french and make errors, that huge wall in front of me. And now I am fluent, able to joke in the language, and sometimes unable to realise which language I am speaking!

I also know how it feels when the dream becomes a reality, that it isn’t what I imagined, the feelings of loneliness, the adaptation to a new culture, finding a new career, and finally breaking through and creating the life I love.

All of this I can help you with, from creating your dream, preparing you and guiding you, through the emotional ups and downs, and helping you feel more confident speaking french as well as catching you when you fall when you finally make it!

So if you want to live your dream, and integrate into the french way of living and create a new life here, I am here for you.

Please note, I am not a relocation agent, I do not help with paperwork, telephoning or the nittygritties! I work on the emotional and personal development side of the move.

I also prefer to work with those who really want to integrate into the french way of life here, to speak the language and live the french way. If you prefer to live the English way in France, then I am not for you!