Learning Reiki

Unlock the enrgy within

There is nothing more rewardsing for me than being able to share Reiki and unlock the energy within others, seeing them transform, seeing the glee on their faces as see they are able to feel the energy too. This journey is also for you if you are reading this.

Reiki will change your life!

Deciding to be attuned to Reiki WILL change your life forever. it will fill you with light, love and joy, raising your vibration and so attracting so much more in to your life. I personally see it as an awakening, however each experience is so personal and you will live it as it is right for you.


People ask me how to prepare for attunement. I would say to refain from alcohol the week before the attunement. This is because alcohol prevents you from feeling the sensations of energy, and lowers your vibration considerably. To really get the msot from the attunement on the day it is best to prepare tour body in the cleanest way possible. You can of course read up about reiki beforehand. The greatest change is afterwards. I will ask you to do self reiki( which you will learn), refrain from alchol and red meat, 21 days post attunement. This is for several reasons. the alcohol and red meat both decrease your vibration and alcohol numbs feelings as well slowing the flow of reiki.  self reiki helps the cleansing process and creates good habits of reiki. I will explain in more detail during the attunement.


Reiki attunements tune you into being able to receive and channel Reiki, rather like tuning your radio to receive a certain radio station.  During your Reiki course you will receive attunements (a sacred process) which which allow you to be permanently open to receiving this beautiful energy, and once attuned you will be attuned for life.  Reiki is life-changing, it clears and balances your energy, brings into your life people and situations that will help you along your path, and those that aren’t gently fade away.

No experience is necessary to start Reiki and there is no age limit (my daughter did her reiki 1 at 14, and my mother at 79!). Indeed I had no idea what Reiki was when I arrived at my Reiki Master’s home for the first time!            

 If you have any questions about starting your Reiki journey or taking any of these levels please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be only too willing to answer your queries.

 Reiki attunements can also be done over distance (and its just as powerful). Reiki is energy and works with intention. I have personally experienced Reiki attunements via Skype and was blown away. 

 In all there are 3 Reiki levels or degrees.

 1st degree – Initiation

The initial stage where your energy channel from the crown to the base of the spine is opened up.  

  • You learn how to do a basic treatment on others
  • Self Reiki to treat yourself.
  • The history and principles of Reiki
  • How to feel the energy, the different clairs
  • Simple meditation
  • The chakra system        

At this level Reiki works at a mainly at a physical level.

2nd degree – Practitioner

You will have needed to have been initiated to 1st degree normally with a minimum of 3 months between the two ( I personally took 1 year). Your energy channel is opened further and at this level you are able to practice professionally to treat others

You will learn

  • The sacred Reiki symbols which increase the power of Reikiand how to use them
  • How to send distant Reiki. 
  • How to use Reiki for protection, to heal the past and the future

Reiki works at a mental level.

 3rd degree or Master teacher

The final stage and to me this is where the learning really begins. Second degree will need to have been passed as well as experience in giving Reiki as well as a deeper understanding. You learn to teach and initiate others in Reiki and so spread the light. This is not about being a Master, above everyone else, completely the opposite, we are all at the same level just different points of learning and with Reiki we never stop. Your channel is opened fully and Reiki works at a spiritual level, much much deeper.  

Reiki works at a spiritual level. 

At present I only teach levels 1 and 2.