Let’s draw your future!


If you’re here I can imagine you’re at a point where you’re asking if there is more to life than this, than fuelling someone else’s dream!  You’re wanting to change but maybe not knowing what or how. You may or may not be creative -if you’re not it doesn’t matter!

I can probably guess that you have heard about dream or vision boards, where you find pictures that represent your dream, and put them together on a board I have my own dream board -in fact a wall. But it isn’t a case of just picking pretty pictures out and sticking. No, there’s so much more to it than that, and whilst looking at my board a brainwave hit me-why don’t we take it one step further and draw your future?

Dream boards  work because your brain takes in the information in the pictures and takes them as reality in 2D, then goes to work basically to bring in your reality in 3D. This is great but drawing your future creates even more momentum because you really enter in to the feeling and emotions, your home in and the essentials. The two work in harmony, and your drawing can placed near your dream board or elsewhere, even on your phone.

Drawing comes from your soul, one that let’s your soul communicate with your brain more quickly and effectively, one that really focuses on the language of your spirit, your soul, and that is…

To draw it! Yes you read it right! Drawing your future is HUGE, because your mind picks up movements in your hands  and registers the movements in the brain ( this is why we learn more effectively writing by hand than typing). Creating is also language of your soul, it’s how it communicates – through art in all forms. ( I am sure you can also create your future in a song!…).  So what other benefits are there?

  • It’s tactile-we feel the dream as we draw it, we picture it in our heads and so reinforcing it further
  • It’s involved- we are really in on the act, it’s not passive
  • Feeling- when we draw we heighten our senses, it comes alive
  • It focuses on the emotion of our dream not the material-it puts the emphasis on what’s ultimately behind a successful board.
  • It creates a general picture of how we want to live our life.

This is a dream board coming from your soul remember. This is the depths of you speaking and it will guide you. Trust in the process.

So what happens when we work together on this? I’ll be helping you see where you are and where you’d love to go, your dream, your mission in life. We’ll be also be seeing what’s stopping you, there’ll be creative homework (painting, drawing, sticking, colouring in…), we” get creating your dream board and then we’ll take it to the edge and DRAW your future! This doesn’t mean drawing your dream board, this is take the global feeling, the essential elements into a  picture using materials of your choice-paints, felt tips, pastels…and we’ll take it even further, into something that you can take with you wherever you go, something that when you look at it you’ll feel your dream! And that, my friend is a surprise!!

You don’t need to have any drawing skills or be an artist, you just need to want to awaken the creative side of you (yes everyone had this side!) and be wanting to change!

All you’ll need is access to creative materials- felt tips, coloured crayons, pastels, paints, (whatever you feel and like), and paper-but we’ll come to that when we get in touch.

Are you ready to change? Are you ready to have fun and let your soul speak? Ready to take your dream to the edge and fly? Let’s go! Just drop me a line here