Painting for pleasure In English!


Do you want to practise your spoken English in a fun way? This is for you!
Painting is fun! This ISN’T an art class where you learn techniques.
NO artistic talent needed!
Instead, this is way of improving English through painting.
In English we can be frightened to make mistakes, to let go, we can be frightened to speak.
Through painting we can learn to let go, see that making mistakes is ok, they’re part of the process. We can face our fear and let go.
We also increase our vocabulary through painting emotions or using colours to express ideas.
Each session we will look at different emotions, souvenirs, colours, express our feelings through painting.
Speaking a language is naturally a feeling and intuitive process, just like painting. The perfect combination to improve our English and to feel good.

19 January, 16 February, 16 March, 13 April 2017