A simple session with me

Sometimes all we need is an ear, or a shoulder to cry on without feeling judged or without someone having a biased opinion.  Friends and family can be great but they always have an emtional attachement somewhere. They have an opinion on you or how it affects them. Or they spin it on to how they feel or turn the conversation towards them.

Sometimes we just need to talk things through to get a different spin on something, in a way we haven’t seen before. or maybe to get new ideas, to be inspired for a project.

Or maybe you feel totally blocked in your path and can’t seem to find the light or the way forward.

Or perhaps you actually feel like sh*t right now and need some virtual hugs and a way to go upwards. To see the positive in what sems like a dire situation.

Well all this is where I come in.

One hour ( or around about) to spill out your stuff to me, cry life, wonder, shout. I can take it! One hour during which I will listen to you, give you a different, more positive spin on the subject.


I also have a toolbox by my side from which I can pull out a variety of tools to help you, whether it’s positivity, law of attraction, emotion code, reiki, working on beleifs and affirmations, a creative activity or a host of other wonders and techniques or it simply might be my ear or my shoulder and a virtual box of tissues.


Whatever the issue, whatever your needs, I can absolutely guarantee you that after talking to me you will feel:

  • more positive
  • that you have a new spin on your thing
  • feel totally uplifted
  • inspired
  • relieved
  • heard and lsitened to
  • better about yourself
  • more upbeat
  • clearer in your vision
  • lighter and unburdened 

You can have as many or as few sessions as you want as you feel, and after the session I will at some point simply check on you, witha quick message to see how you are, simply because your happiness matters to me.

Simple yes?! Just here to brighten your day!