Positivity and happiness Bootcamp!


What exactly is happiness?Should we feel positive all the time?
What are the benefits of positive thinking?
How can you stop worrying?
How does all this affect your life?
How can I feel happy?
And how does all this fit with the law of attraction?

Answers to these and so much more will be answered in this workshop. Each session we will look at different points, discuss them and see how to fit them into ytour life.

This is a set of 10 workshops which will literally turn your life around, if you apply what we work through.
There will be worksheets to use at home, fun homework.
If you want to turn your life around, start with turning your inner self around and how you look at the world. I am sharing with you all my tools I have learnt. I no longer worry, I don’t get angry, I se the positive and I truely beleive I have found happiness and I want you to find it too. After all it is within you, you just have to know how to look!
This will be a powerful, joyful, life changing bootcamp. I can promise that you will look forward to the sessions, ans you will come away, happy, fulfilled and with a spring in your step. and that’s just the small differences! Because after, your life will change!

During the sessions I will talk about the topic involved, set a homework and we’ll talk together about the previous weeks homework and how you felt. You will have ongoing email support between the sessions

Sessions will take place via Skype, places limited to 8, price 100 euros. That’s 10 euros an hour!

You will also have the opportunity for 50 % off an Emotion Code session and a free follow up call after bootcamp. If you would like to know more or to reserve your place, please contact me here

This is the only time I will charge this price as this is my first online bootcamp.