terapia de reiki(1)What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form energy healing which brings harmony to the mind body and spirit.     The word Reiki basically means “Universal lIfe Energy” and this energy is present all around us in every living being, animal and plant.

How does it work?

This beautiful energy flows through the practitioner and to the client, who is receiver/healer. The practitioner is basically a channel and amplifier for Reiki, it is the Reiki which heals and rebalances and for the client to be open to healing. For optimum results the client may need to make changes to the way she lives her life- to be responsible for her healing- it’s a two way process. 

It works by harmonising the body’s energy and releasing blockages within the body and energy centres or chakras, the energy flows where it is needed the most and where it is most beneficial to the client.

What will I feel?

Many clients feel warmth, tingling, sometimes a coolness, a feeling of relaxation and calm.                  Others see colours, images, feel the need to laugh, cry, cough, smile.                                                   Anything goes and I always say go with the flow and the feeling.

How long does it take?

A Reiki treatment can take anything from 45mins to 1h30, it depends on the client, the needs and what comes up. I normally allow 2 hours for an appointment, to take in to account pre and post — treatment chat.

If further discussion is wanted I am able to offer a separate appointment via Skype or in person.