Here’s what others think

I just had my first session with the amazing Nicky Peet. I highly recommend her. She is truly the sweetest most amazing soul. Thank you so much” M.U. Sept 2016

If you don’t know what Reiki healing is don’t feel bad I never did either. I just assumed it was some weird new age shit. But then I got to a place a few months ago where I knew I had blocks that ran a lifetime deep to things like love and money. I knew I’d done all the work I could, but still felt those blocks. I hit up my girl Nicky Peet who is an energy healer, and has been a HBR coaching client for years, and said: “girl idk what it is you do but I need help clearing crap up, you got me?” She was like… Yup! So 4 seasons later my world has opened up in incredible ways! My new cheery fashion style is a result of this, my booming coaching business, my trip to Italy, healed relationships and so much more have manifested into my life once I was able to change my energy from the inside in a way I couldn’t have without this healing. I’m a lifetime believer! Sarah Centrella, author of BestSeller “Hustle Believe Receive” and creator the HBR Method 

WOW all I can say is THANK YOU Nicky Peet !! Your an amazing reiki healer and our session today unlocked and released intensive fear I’ve been carriing that relates to the mass shootings the US has been facing. What an amazing gift you have. I physically feel totally diferent after our session, before I was filled with fear, anxiety, and even anger relating to these tragaties… now I feel at peace and protected. Working with you the last few months has enabled me to address so many long held emotional blocks relating to money issues, and love, I can’t thank you enough! I’ve noticed amazing changes in my life since working with you and releassing these blocks, now I have space to allow for all the love and abundance, health and peace to fill my life. You’re the best!  S.C

Merci Nicky Peet pour cette séance de Reiki J’ai enfin passé une bonne nuit !!! A.B