The benefits of getting creative

get creative!

Why do you need awaken the creator within?

What are the benefits for you?

  • Immediate RELAXATION doing a creative activity-we forget the worries and stresses
  • It’s FUN! When was the last time you did something just for fun, without an agenda or goal?
  • SURPRISE -you will astound yourself that you can create. in every workshop people come away proud of themselves
  • Maybe a new HOBBY-soemthing that takes us out of our everyday routine and problems, giving us something positive to focus on. It’s like a resting station out at sea in a storm!
  • We GROW as it gets us out of our COMFORT ZONE-doing something we have notdone before or since we were a child. it’s new, daring and something we said we couldn’t do.
  • we learn about LETTING GO, letting go of the desired result (and I’ll show you how!). Through painting letting go is learnt in a safe environment. it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t turn out how we want. It’s only a painting! we begin to feel comfortable with letting go so that we begin to do it in our every day lives, which has huge benefits
  • we can take RISKS. Again, it’s only a painting. We see that taking risks is fun, that there is no danger but that new reuslts unfold, and once again this flows into our normal loves
  • we  get CREATIVE. We learn to see things from a different angle. Our work needs us to be creative, to think outside the box, find different solutions, new ideas. Our brain needs balance, we can’t always be in the analysis and reasoning of the left brain, we were were also born with a creative right brain.

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