Reiki for Artists and creatives



 Deadlines, projects, exhibtitions, orders…

The pressure is on!

And then your ideas dry up, you lack inspiration!

Unable to move move forward….PANIC!

This is where Your Healing Artist can step in and help you.

How? Why?


Firstly, I too am an artist, an intuitive artist, passionate about all things creative, colour, seeing art in all its forms as the language of spirit, of the soul. So I understand your language, your difficulties and what you are going through.


Through Reiki.

Reiki helps by-

Giving clarity of thought and increased inspiration by liberating emotions and clearing blockages

Showing us a different angle on life, a more positive outlook

Allowing us to let go more easily of difficult situations

I remember one artist client who came for Reiki. she was at a total loss. didnt know where to turn for a potential project she wanted to take on. She didn’t know how she could do it or with who she could do it with. During her Reiki session she burst into tears, with a release of emotion followed by total clarity on which way to go, the name of the person with zho she could collaborate came to mind and she knew the steps to take. Her new career path has taken off with the exact person she thought of in her session and now loves her new life.

Other clients contiuously say how much more positive they feel after Reiki (and many just have this huge desire to smile thoroughtout the session!)

When emotions get in the way, along with stress and pressure, our ideas stop flowing and we can’t see the wood for trees. Reiki simply helps to clear the way so that your higher self finds the answers.

Not only is Reiki available one to one either in person or via Skype, it can also be used in group.

This is ideal for group projects for example. Such a session can help the group to bond more easily, smooth group dynamics and again increase inspiration, clearer ideas and find solutions.

Reiki can be used for example just before the start of a project, an exhibition,or prior to a launch, when ideas dry up or simply because you need a boost

Allow Reiki to inpsire you and release you!



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