STEP 2 DREAM and Let’s Go!



I have had so many dreams. My first and biggest was wanting to live in France, this started at about the age of 12. I was obsessed with France- my room was covered in french posters, I would listen to French radio, my aim was endlessly trying to find ways to get over, with a summer job, studies, anything to give the key. At the age of 34, in 2001 I made it and here I am living my dream. I will never forget hearing the church bell chiming whilst on my balcony on my first day here, thinking “I’ve done it. I am here”. It wa sureal yet felt normal as I had lived this moment all my life.Another was having an art studio, doing something with art. This too I am now building through my art and Reiki. I have so many other dreams that drive me. I see them, feel them, they’re on their way.Dreams drive me, make me come alive.

The question I find myself asking people over and over again is “What’s your dream?” or “Do you have a dream?”

So What’s your dream? So often I hear “I want to be healthy, travel, be happy…” This is everyone’s dream! But how are you going to travel? What makes you happy? What is healthy?

A dream is is something that bites us and eats away at us, the only if I could…. Let’s put it another way, if I gave you all the money you needed so you didnt need to worry, to WORK, what would you do? How would you spend your time? What would you do if you could do anything you wanted to do? What did you want to do when you were young, what did you love doing?

Why don’t we get together to build and create your dream? It won’t happen overnight- dreams take work, but once you get going you won’t want to let go, it’ll get you so bad you won’t be able to ignore it!

What’s involved?

  • Mentoring/coaching sessions via skype
  • Creative homework
  • Input from you- a dream needs to know you want it!
  • Reiki to release blocks and increase inspiration, l
  • Lots of fun, drive and space to talk and let out ideas.

Don’t have a dream? Bet you do! And I’ll help you uncover it!

Dreams don’t have to big, they just have to get you going, they take you in the direction of the life you were meant to lead, and be warned because one dream leads to another!



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